Posted on March 07, 2016

Communication is the key to the success of any lawn care program. The more you know about what we are doing and why, the better the results will be. Keeping you informed of any issues or changes that become necessary is the best way to keep us on the same page and working together.

Our goal is to make every lawn healthier and thicker by feeding with balanced fertilizers. A healthy
lawn will always be green and a thick lawn will have fewer weeds. By carrying several different fertilizers as well as two or three different weed controls we can apply the right products at the right time to
every lawn. Our full program is 5 applications of granular fertilizer and liquid weed control chosen for the time of the year, and the current condition of your lawn. You do not have to take all 5 applications! We
can set up an affordable program for every customer. By knowing what your expectations are we can recommend the services that will allow us to achieve these results without you having to take applications or services that you do not need or want. We can set up a program based on
your lawns needs, your expectations and your budget.

In addition to our fertilizer applications we offer several optional services including grub controls,
both preventative & curative, surface insect controls, spring and/or fall aerations, and fungicides. Soil testing and soil enhancement applications are also available.

You will have a state licensed technician on your lawn each time to ensure results. We also have free
service calls so if you ever have a question about your lawn, its condition or our service please do not hesitate to call!

Our Five Step Fertilizer Program

  • Early spring application: We will apply a fertilizer with crabgrass control to most lawns. A starter fertilizer will be used on heavily shaded lawns or if any seed work is planned or has already been done. Weather permitting, a broadleaf weed control will also be applied, usually starting about the middle of April. This application will start approximately March 14 and run thru the end of April. We will be watching for snow mold and any other issues that need to be dealt with during the season.
  • Late spring application: A balanced slow-release fertilizer and broadleaf weed control will be applied this time. If your program includes grub prevention it will also applied with this application, by applying it now we can take advantage of billbug and chinch bug control throughout the summer months. We will be monitoring your lawn for surface insects such as chinch bugs and diseases like red thread and dollar spot. We will keep you informed of any problems that need to be addressed. This application will begin approximately May 1st and run through the middle of June.
  • Early summer application: A balanced slow release fertilizer and broadleaf weed controls will be applied. We will be treating any broadleaf weeds that remain and watching for summer annual weeds that may have germinated, including crabgrass and nutsedge. We will continue to watch for insects and diseases. We will also be watching for signs of heat / drought stress, watering habits and mowing issues. This applications runs from mid June through the end of July.
  • Late summer application: A balanced slow release fertilizer will be applied and weeds will be spot treated as needed. Weed controls should not be used on drought stressed lawns or as temperatures near 90 degrees. Heat related issues are the main concern at this time of the year. You will be informed of any problems or concerns and what should be done to correct them. The application runs from about August 1st through the first week of September.
  • Fall application: A heavier rate of a balanced fertilizer will be applied this application. Rates are increased slightly to provide nutrients through the fall and into the winter. Broadleaf weed control will be applied to eliminate any remaining weeds. We will continue to monitor for diseases and surface insects as well as grubs. We will also watch for and advise on mowing issues and leaves. This is the last treatment for the year and will run from Labor Day through the end of October.